Flashlight Solar Simulator


Flashlight Solar Simulators have the advantage of negligible temperature change to the solar cell. For this reason, they are primarily used in cell and module production environments.

Also, they are a more budgetary alternative if large cell areas are to be illuminated, because it is easier to have excellent light uniformity on areas of 8 in x 8 in or larger. So, this type of solar simulator is also used for analysis of large area thin film solar cells. But care must be taken, as some materials (e.g. CIGS) have long inherent time constants, so that the pulse length (better: flash plateau) must be chosen accordingly.


Optosolar offers systems with short (3ms), medium (10 - 20ms) and long flashplateau (40ms - 100ms).

Illumination areas start from 6 in x 6 in, and there is some overlap between large celltesters and small moduletesters.


Cell Test Station Flashlight

Single, tandem, triple cells     Cell size 2 to 20 inch      High throughput      High Precision   Easy integration into production lines

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