Solar Simulator Continuous Light


Solar simulators with continuous light are primarily used for research purposes. Typically, their light output is more stable than can be found in simulators using flashlamps.

This type of solar simulator uses Xenon high pressure arc lamps as light source. These lamps have a colour temperature near 5800 K, so it is feasible to filter the light output to an excellent AM 1.5 spectrum. If a tuneability of the spectrum is required, these lamps can be combined with tungsten lamps to achieve multi-source solar simulators. These can be used to measure tandem/triple/multijunction solar cells. They also allow detailed analysis of all types of solar cells using a spectral metric (see : Publication List).


Optosolar Continuous Light  Solar Simulators allow an adjustment of the light intensity between 800 W/m2 and 1100 W/m2. Using additional filters, even very low light level measurements for energy rating can be done, down to 200W/m2 or even 50 W/m2.


Technically, it is more sophisticated to achieve a very good light uniformity, so this type of solar simulator is typically higher prised than a flashlight solar simulator.

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